As a collaborative consulting team, we call upon the right Rabbits for the right projects. This ensures that we always have a purpose-built team that matches a project’s unique needs. All of us have worked together before, and we have honed our ability to develop and coordinate projects in a way that is both humanizing and effective for the participants.

Our process centers around Carolyn Steel’s concept of “sitopia,” emphasizing the dynamic relationship between food and place. Our projects begin with a relationship-building phase, which creates a supportive infrastructure to ensure the long-term success of the project or organization. This humanizing stage is manifested through facilitated, thematically-oriented discussions accompanied by special meals, fostering a deeper understanding of issues while creating bonds between participants.

Green Rabbits work through an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the diverse expertise and research among the Rabbits and outside specialists. Through our interdisciplinary brainstorming sessions, Green Rabbits bring idea-generation above and beyond what an organization can do on its own. We draw participants in through hands-on, collaborative activities. Our process stimulates energy at the beginning of an organization’s life, or it can reinvigorate the organization where it seems stuck. Our events offer an exceptional level of coordination, providing participants with an enriching experience that enhances their knowledge of issues while fostering relationships between stakeholders.